Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen if my payment is late?

Because all of our trucks are automated the bins that are not paid for will stop on the lifts. Payment processing will take at least 24 hours to complete, please pay your account at least 48 hours prior to collection to make sure the payment goes through.

Can I leave out carpets, mattresses, or large bulky items to be taken by the collection truck?

No. For large items you should contact our skip department, who will be happy to advise you of our range of skip products/prices.

Can I opt in and out of services (e.g. going on holidays)?

No our invoices are sent out automatically every 6 months, you have the option to pay monthly but all 6 monthly payments must be made unless prior notice of cancellation is received. Failure to notify cancellation before the end of valid term renders you liable for payment for service immediately into the new term. Informing us some weeks into the new term is unacceptable.

What happens if my bin falls into the truck?

We will replace the bin free of charge. However if the bin is over the average weight and the bin falls into the truck due to being too heavy the bin will be replaced at a cost price.

What happens if my bin is burnt or stolen?

We will replace your bin at a cost price.

What happens my service at Christmas/New year?

We try to keep to our schedule but because of the numbers of bank holidays you should contact our office for details of changes in the week leading up to the holiday or check your local press.

What happens if a bank holiday falls on my collection day?

Your collection scheduled for the bank holiday will be on the Saturday before the bank holiday.

What time should I present my bins for collection?

All bins should be presented for collection the night before. Crews cannot enter private property to empty bins.