Terms & Conditions

By accepting our terms and conditions you fully agree to the following:


  1. Your bin must be kept kerbside in urban areas. In rural areas your bin must be visible to the driver even in poor visibility, i.e. in darkness and out for 4 am. Crews cannot enter private property to empty bins.
  1. To comply with local authority and waste licensing regulations, your lid must be closed and material in bin loosely packed to enable it to be emptied, without pulling or tugging or handling, in anyway other than by the bin lift action.
  1. Unauthorized use of bins is forbidden, in particular the placing of signage or advertising material belonging to another operator. The placing of the above mentioned will result in legal action being taken against the householder and or the occupier and or the other refuse operator.
  1. Indemnify the Waste Company against all third party claims howsoever arising and Against loss of or damage to the receptacle or any part thereof form whatever cause arising and whether such loss or damage results from the negligence of the customer or any other party.
  1. In signing up with Quality Recycling Ltd you are entering into an agreement, the term of the agreement shall be for a period of 12 months from the contract commencement date / date of 1st payment. The customer may terminate this agreement on the expiry of the term. If terminated before the end of valid term a termination charge of €50 shall apply.
  1. Upon/ After expiry of term the customer must give a minimum notice period of 30 days when cancelling service(s).
  1. The service and this agreement constitute a legal and binding contract between Quality Recycling Ltd and the customer and do not extend to any other person or entity. The customer is bound by the terms under the agreement.
  1. Quality Recycling Ltd reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions of this agreement advising of the change and the effective date thereof but with the changes being effective only at the end of period for which the customer has prepaid. Annual renewals will be subject to a percentage increase in line with inflation. Utilization of the service by the customer following the effective date of such change shall constitute acceptance by the customer of such changes.
  1. This is a pre-paid service and payments are due on or before the 1 st of the month.
  1. Payment processing will take at least 24 hours to complete, please pay your account at least 48 hours prior to collection. Payment can be made in full for the year or payment can be made on a monthly, quarterly, half year or in full but the charge for your waste collection is a service charge and is payable in full unless the service is cancelled in advance by the customer by means of telephone, in writing or in person at our office.
  1. Damage to bins, in particular bins split down the side by customer compacting material, (a) by use of compactor (b) by standing into the bins, or compacting by other means, renders the customer liable for replacement cost of bin plus call out charge and administration charges.
  1. Quality Recycling reserves the right in it sole discretion to deactivate the customer’s account(s) upon indication of credit problems including delinquent payments. The customer is liable to pay any consequential charges i.e. bank charges.
  1. The service is for refuse only. Therefore, no rubble tiles or heavy metal objects are prohibited. Our staff are fully au fait with what is a normal bin. To avoid disappointment and altercation do not try to disguise by placing in bottom of bin or otherwise. Remember you cannot disguise the weight. Biomaterial must go in the compost bin (if in your area).
  1. It is accepted that it is only the contents of the bin for collection by Quality Recycling Ltd. Excess baggage at or near the bin or skip is the sole responsibility of the customer under the Waste Management Acts – Local by laws.
  1. Failure to have your bin out for collections as per our terms and conditions does not entitle you to discounts going forward in the next term. Sending a crew out to collect your bin due to the failure of not having your bin out as per our terms and conditions incurs a call out charge of €120 which must be paid in advance of our crew returning.
  1. Severe Weather – Quality Recycling Ltd will notify where possible if adverse weather will affect routes.
  1. Charging and Fair Usage Policy
    In line with new Government policy of incentivized charging , your invoice will show your service charge amount and weight allowed per bin lift for the invoice amount charged, any excess weight above the allowed weight per lift will be charged a set amount per / kg weight, all excess weight collected will be debited from your pre-paid account, all accounts must maintain a minimum of €20 Credit on account, an automated SMS will notify customers automatically when your Credit limit value is reached prior to next collection, allow 48hrs for processing of payments, Accounts not in credit cannot be collected, the bin weighing system will automatically stop the bin from collection if your account is not in credit. If you are paying by monthly Direct Debit the excess value will be debited monthly after the collection.

  2. Fair Usage Policy:
  1. This fair usage policy ("Policy") sets out an acceptable level of conduct between Quality Recycling LTD and you relating to your use of the Service. This Policy is put into place to ensure that you will use the Service responsibly and appropriately.
  1. By accepting our Terms and Conditions for the Service, you agree to be bound by this Policy.
  1. Quality Recycling LTD has calculated the weight of waste that is produced by various categories of households (e.g. based on the number of residents) in a given period (i.e. 12 months) and a great majority of households will comfortably operate within the weight allowance. Quality Recycling LTD reserves the right to charge for excessive weight beyond the allowances. Details of the charges and the threshold allowance are set out in the Schedule hereto.
  1.  140L waste bin Threshold              15kg
  2.  240L waste bin Threshold             25kg
  3.  360L waste bin Threshold             37kg
  4.  Excess weight charges                   20 cent per kg

  5.  140L Brown bin Threshold             13kgs
  6.  Excess weight charges                   14 cent per kg
  7.  240L Brown bin Threshold            13kgs
  8.  Excess weight charges                   14 cent per kg

  9.  Compost Caddy                             10kgs
  10.  Excess weight charges                   14 cent per kg
  1. As of 1st September 2023, a new Waste bin levy comes into effect in Ireland. The waste bin levy is a tax on waste that is not recycled with the aim of encouraging recycling thus reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill. How this will affect you as a customer - It will be charged at 1 cent per Kg on waste presented in your waste bin.
  1. Quality Recycling Ltd may use personal data relating to you ("Data") in the course of its legitimate business activities. Typically, such use of Data is as you would expect in a waste management business. You have certain rights with regards to our use of such Data. Full details of our use of such Data, the legal basis for processing such Data, recipients of such Data, the length of time we retain such Data, your legal rights with regard to such Data, and security arrangements around the transfer of such Data outside of the EU, are set out in our Privacy Policy.


Retention of Title:

All bins supplied by Quality Recycling Ltd remain the property of Quality Recycling Ltd indefinitely.

Ceasing of Service:

Bins for return must be left in a position that our personnel can collect without having to make a second call. Bins left out with material inside necessitate a second call out will incur a call out charge of €40 plus the cost of emptying your bins.

Quality Recycling Ltd:

Quality Recycling Ltd reserves the right to alter amend terms and conditions without notice in line with current amendments to waste management act labor laws and safety acts etc.